Do you love to shop? Do you know the name of your delivery drivers?  If so, let’s be friends because I embrace that this is me too. I am a hobby shopper and I love to share the deals and great buys that I find.


Have you heard of Cabi? One of my close friends has sold me on her Cabi closet. Each item I have bought is made with only the best fabrics and the detail from the collar to hem is better than any department store brand. The best part is that each piece you buy builds a coordinating wardrobe you can mix and match and look so well put together

Nan’s online store:

I recently contacted Nan as my daughter made homecoming court and I needed an outfit that was warm and stylish for the football game where we got to escort her. Nan first went through what I already owned and paired my boots and leggings with an amazing jacket (Cabi snake print jacket).


Do you love to shop but there are so many boutiques and stores it can be overwhelming to find the styles you love and the quality you desire. Don’t get me wrong I still love boutiques but I don’t have time to search online for looks I love all of the time. This is why I have turned to Wantable.

Wantable is the personal styling service designed around you—your life, your style, your requests, your priorities. From work to workout and every day to athleisure, our Edits are handpicked to help you feel your very best and make your life a little easier.
It’s like a monthly surprise when it arrives and it is exciting to have new clothes that look great and are styled just for you based on your preferences.
I find the return process extremely easy and the billing is fair. They will even extend your trial period if you have a busy week. They also package your stuff well unlike Stichfix which does not place much of a protection layer between the clothes and the box.

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