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Ok, I will admit it I am a coffee addict. It started in college when I worked as a barista and learned about arabica beans and why certain roasts taste burnt or stronger than others. Today I go to Starbucks and local coffee houses almost daily, but when working from home I need to have a good coffee.

Do you like bold coffee?

I am in love with Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, Mount Kilimanjaro, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce as it is an intense flavor coupled with mellow winy overtone. Not bitter and very smooth.

What is a Peaberry Coffee? I fell in love with it when Starbucks had an exclusive reserve for Peaberry coffee. The peaberry cherry is unique and has a much richer flavor when roasted. They are only found in 5% of the crop and are desired by coffee connoisseurs and are followed much like Kona beans, but much cheaper.

So what Coffee pot do I use?

When I am in a hurry I use my  Keriug (it’s on sale for $99 at Target) but when I am not in a super big hurry I use my Chemex.

Recently, I went to the new roastery Starbucks in Chicago (it felt like being at Disney to me, but I really love coffee) and fell in love with their pour-over system and how amazing it tastes over their typical brew. I wanted this taste at home which is so much fresher than my Keriug and just as easy.

Chemex Pour over coffeemaker Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker – Classic Series – 3-Cup

When you have made your coffee simply clean and store it on the caddy below.

Goose Neck Water Kettle Bodum Goose Neck 27oz Electric Water Kettle – Black

I chose this kettle as I did not have one already and based on reviews and cost it seemed perfect. Starbucks recommends a much more expensive one but we are just heating water here and I am happy with my $40 spent. It’s quick and easy and it gives my coffee bar a sleek look.

Filter: Pour Over Coffee Filter-Reusable 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper Wide Metal Base Perfect for Chemex

I also tried to use the paper filters like Starbucks does, however, I could not figure out how to fold it properly and continued to get grounds in my coffee. I also feel like the reusable stainless steel filter is more economical and it obviously produces less waste. It is easy to clean and keeps the grounds out of my coffee. I simply dump grounds once they have cooled and then rinse them in my sink, ready for my next cup.

Subject 2
Chemex coffee pot stand

Chemex coffee maker stands: I like how well this is made and how it keeps things tidy. It comes with a rubber mat to catch any spills and is easy to clean.

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