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My name is Heather Lantz. I’m a connector. I am a catalyst between different businesses, prospects, and departments. I help facilitate communication between both sides of the conversation.

I can speak and sling code, but I am not an IT professional. I can design campaign strategies and write copy, but Marketing is not my only expertise. I can also sell ice to Eskimos according to my previous employer, but I am not only interested in the sale.

The two areas that I provide value are:

  • Helping your organizations different departments communicate and understand each other.
  • Communicating your value proposition in the right channel to your target audience with a specialized message to each of your personas.

News and Updates:

You’ll Find me online on:

Twitter: @HLANTZ78

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/heatherlantz/

Blog: www.heatherlantz.com

Sample Client: http://www.gregorylantz.com/

On Twitter, I do a series of regular posts called #technologytrends. These are short informational essays about what’s trending in technology and what has caught my eye in the news. Read more about #technologytrends.

Finally, I have a monthly newsletter I send out, filled with tips, resources, and things I’ve found useful. Please consider subscribing to it here. It also incorporates everything from #technologytrends, so if you don’t watch Twitter feeds constantly, you won’t miss out.

This concludes my introductory tour for now. I hope you’ll stick around, subscribe to the blog (use the icons below), take advantage of the content, and find some value. If you do find value, please share with those you know that will care too.