#technologytrends iPhone:Storage Space hacks

#technologytrends iPhone:Storage Space hacks



I depend on my iPhone for a lot and one thing that is challenging is making the most out of the space available on it. One question I have been asked a lot is how do you manage to store apps, photos, music and more on limited space and keep from filling the phone up to capacity?

In this blog I want to share what I have learned from my research when my kids had 8GB 5c’s.

Tip #1: Delete any app that you do not use on a monthly basis. It is very easy to redownload an app that you seldom use.

Tip #2 Delete old documents and data that you no longer need. Go to settings>general> storage & iCloud usage> manage storage and click on the arrow beside each app listed. Here you will see how much data each app utilizes as well as any documents or data that are attached. You may not even realize that certain apps are monopolizing your space and worse yet you may not even need it anymore. The more you delete the more space you can use for things you want.

Tip # 3 If you do not need your photos to download to your other apple devices than turn off photo stream. This quick step can free up a lot of space quickly. Simply go to Settings> Photos & Camera and deselect my photo stream.

Tip #4 Stop downloading music on your phone. Instead, sign up for Itunes Match which provides all of your music on the iCloud. Now delete all your music. It’s saved on your iCloud don’t hyperventilate. This tip alone probably just freed up a ton of GB’s.

Tip #5 Delete all of the photos you have edited in the various photo editing apps that you use. Once you have created that awesome collage or filter image and saved it as a picture delete it out of the app.

Tip #6 Are you a list maker or note taker? Delete all of your old lists and notes that are not useful to you in the various apps that you use.

Tip #7 Delete your old iMessages. This one is a hard one for me as I like to reference conversations and keep photos etc. This practice can free up as much as 512 MB of space.

Tip #8 Using Photo stream isn’t the only way in which you can back up the photos you can take on your iPhone. You can use the camera upload feature in apps like Shutterfly to store your images.

Try these tricks and tips to maximize your space so that you can keep your iPhone optimized and ready for those never ending updates that add the features we grow to love.

Did I miss a trick or tip that you swear by? Share with the group below.

In my next blog I will be writing about boosting your iPhone battery. Stay tuned.





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