Apple Watch is a time saver

Apple Watch is a time saver


Many of my friends and colleagues were not surprised when I purchased my watch this fall. I was not even the first in my network to adorn Apples latest gadget. I was trying to decide what the ROI would be over and above my Pebble 33mm Plastic-Black Silicone that then cost $99 versus Apple’s sport watch in black that cost $349. (By the way Apple watches are $100 off at Best Buy and Target for Black Friday)

In the last three months, I have found that the price is worth the volume of work that I can complete and the freedom I can enjoy while I am away from my desk.

Here Are 10 reasons Apple is worth the time:

  • I can leave my phone on my desk and walk around the house without it in my hand or pocket, but still answer and reply to calls and messages from my watch.
  • With Siri you do not have to type in texts and the diction is spot on.
  • Control your music with your voice, not typing in the song you want and reaching for your phone while you are driving or out and about where your phone may be in a purse or bag. You simply hold down the main button and talk. This also applies to Map and Phone calls.
  • Apple pay is quick and easy to use at Starbucks. Need I say more? The scan connects better than the phone app and I am not handing my phone to an attendant through a drive thru.
  • I do not have to wear a different gadget to track my steps and log my distance and the activity of my choice is also easy to track on the watch.
  • I can view my email discretely and the alerts are not obnoxious but a vibration that is only noticed by the one wearing the watch.
  • I never have to turn off my phone, but I can set it aside when I need to without worrying about missing an important message. (Except when I am in an airplane…)
  • I can use the main features of most of my favorite apps and there is a native version for the watch.
  • My directTV remote is an app on my watch and it responds better than the providers.

Cnet gave the watch a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars because of battery life only lasts a day. I have yet to go only a day with my watch and I have it on 24/7.

Do you need an Apple watch? No, right now your phone handles most of what a watch does. Cnet makes a good point, though “It’s meant to be a small assistant, to help you look at your phone less. It’s helped me stay more connected, but I still use my phone more than I should”. I want to be present in the moments that count and with this watch I feel that I am.



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