Draw Readers To Your Blog

Draw Readers To Your Blog


If you want to retain your audience, your blog must be kept fresh and interesting. Reading the repeated ideas of a hot topic becomes less appealing. It is easy to fall into the trap of rewriting the same type of content over and over, or drilling too deep into the same tips or advice.

Your blog needs to be something that people are inspired by and that provides thought leadership. But with lifes busy pace often we all are struggling to find time to manage everything and our creative juices and light bulb moments are not always captured.

So here’s a few tips to help you generate more content ideas for your blog.

  • Keep your blog to one topic, written with your target audience in mind, and make sure it is concise and clearly written.
  • Educate yourself before you write so that you report on information that is accurate
  • Use tools to help you curate your content

Content Lifecycle plugins and widgets help to keep your content fresh. Not all data regardless of format can be created equal in shelf life (Jones, 2011). There are tools and widgets available in wordpress that can help you manage your blog to ensure that your content is not becoming stale. (Jive, codex, tutsplus to name a few).

  • Educate yourself on topics that have a following

Google’s keyword planner tool, Quicksprout, or BuzzSumo are great tools for generating ideas for content topics that have a following. Here is how it works, if you’re interested in a topic use these tools to search longtail keywords. These tools will tell you how many people are searching for particular topics, so you’ll know what the demand for your idea.

  • Write about topics that coorelate with current events, major holidays, and other celebrated moments.

People are interested in learning more about the specialities of the day or the current events that capture our attention. Write about these events to drive traffic to your site.

 What do you think of these blogging tips?  Are there others that I missed?  

Please share below in the comments! 


Jones, C. (2011). Clout the art and science of influential web content. Berkley California: New Riders.

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