I learned a new word today, Otaku. It is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. (Wikipedia). I heard about it today in a Ted Talk  I watch hosted by Seth Godwin. It inspired me to think about the market and where within the sales bell curve our content focuses.

Many marketers and social sellers of the world know that word of mouth sales is monumental to your success. To increase your chances, you should focus on Otaku. Those people who are early adopters and individuals who are more caught up with being the first to own something over what the ROI is or the personal cost.

When I consider my personal buying habits I quickly realize that I am an early adopter and that I am otaku about coffee, technology, and coffee. I really get bent out of shape when my social network adopts something before I own it. This is why I have a pantry of coffee, a closet of trendy coffee pots, and a few technology drawers in my desk. Understanding what drives my personal buying habits is really not a complex one and it is more about interest and research than it ever is about marketing. The way I see it, if there is a commercial about it then it is probably past the stage where I am Otaku about it.

So what it is that makes you wait in long lines and research at crazy hours of the night?

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