Authentic Moments Defined

Authentic Moments Defined

Have you ever found yourself on a page that looks like this?

404 image

 Frustrating isn’t it? You had a goal in mind and you ended up somewhere that falls short of your expectations. In these moments what do you do? You retrace your keystrokes, look up your intended address and if both of these lead to the same experience you do what? Believe it or not, but these can be defining moments for a Marketing team.

It is in the unexpected moments that deliver an authentic and real response that introduce people to what you are and how you deliver what you say you are. Is your business true to itself and true to what it says it is? If so, how do you render authenticity to your audience in the 404 moments? Do you offer a hand, give them an experience? In every area of your business people are looking to experience something positive with each encounter. Think Disney land for a second and how magical the brand is. Ask yourself why this is.

Well defined moments define success. Joseph Pine (2008), takes this idea a step further and states that every “encounter is an opportunity to move beyond a commodity or a service even to an experience that creates brand loyalty.”

If you are looking in increase your companies brand awareness than consider increasing, the authentic moments that your audience experiences with your product. Consider how Starbucks increased its brand recognition…one cup at a time. They did not start out with a flashy ad, rather a really good cup of coffee to everyone they served and they stood behind what they said.

To steal a line from Hamlet, “To thy own be true and be what you say you are to others.” In return, you will offer your target audience authentic moments that create an experience that they will want to share with others.


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